Common Property

Longwood Knolls Common Grounds
The 77 acres of heavily wooded common property throughout the neighborhood is the defining feature of our community. The common grounds are intended for the enjoyment of all our residents, and we should all keep an eye on these areas to ensure they are not misused or endangered.

The members of the Architectural Control Committee also serve as the Common Grounds Committee. Please contact them directly with any comments or suggestions related to this property.
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Water Retention Ponds
The two large water retention ponds in the Longwood Knolls common grounds along Lee Chapel Road pose a danger of drowning or injury to anyone who might enter them when they are filled with water. Swimming, wading, and skating are strictly prohibited at all times.

After heavy rains, the water level in these ponds can rise to several feet, and children have been seen playing in the water on many occasions. Parents are urged to explain the danger to their children, and ensure that they do not play there.

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Kids Playing in the Water Retention Ponds?
Any resident who sees children playing in the water retention ponds, especially after heavy rains when the water can be several feet deep, should immediately confront those children and ask them to play elsewhere. These ponds are dangerous, and since fencing these areas is not practical, we must all work together to protect those children who ignore the warning signs posted around the ponds.
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